Monday, February 28, 2011

La Malagua

A trip to Mexico in the middle of a Seattle winter is always good, but I had an especially fabulous time a few weeks ago as part of a group of artists from Pratt who worked with the super-creative artists of La Malagua in Puerto Vallarta.  I made prints, cut, pasted, colored, painted, lettered, and generally let my imagination have free rein in creating some fun books by week's end.

Here are pictures of four spiral books I made with the theme "Este es el lugar donde todo se conecta" -- "This is the place where the connection happens."  I took the words from one of the Mexican artists of La Malagua, Fernando Sanchez, as he was describing that a book should be a vessel for the ideas it contains.  I was working with images and colors I saw around me in Puerto Vallarta to consider the union of earth, sky, sun and sea.  The spiral proved a perfect symbol for my experience of Puerto Vallarta in February.  

Here are a few more pictures from the workshop week.  I loved it!