Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Larry Calkins is my hero!

I highly recommend the work/blog/inspirations of artist extrordinaire Larry Calkins.  See the work of
 Larry Calkins at http://calkinsart.com/photography/and at http://calkinsart.com/.  When I first met Larry at a workshop in Seattle at Pratt, I was overwhelmed by his creative spirit.  And I continue to be amazed by his abilities to help other artists see the world in whole new ways every day. Larry and his colleague and artistic goddess Kamla Kakaria continue to be primary mentors/critics/shamen for me as I travel on the artistic path.

Larry's mantra is "notice what you notice."  His sketchbook work is especially revelatory.  One lucky group is about to go with Larry to Italy to notice what they notice and to soak up some Italian sun.  See information at http://sketchbookit.wordpress.com/about/  Buon viaggio!

Monotypes from my press

Color is an important element for me for exploring the limits of space and meaning on the page.

More work in color